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Interesting 904 body in Germany

I saw this one come up for sale about a year ago and initially got very excited because it was a decent price. It has always been a dream of mine to find a 904 body and start building it up, even if it took me years. But once I talked to the the owner my hopes were dashed.

Here is the story I got from him, and I thanked him for being honest, a rarity these days.
“Hello Adam,

A customer of mine asked me to find a 904 body for his accidented 904. He already started the fabrication of a new body for his car, but the bodymaker was too slow for him. He wanted to participate at Le Mans Classique the same year.

I told him, I knew about an original Porsche 904 body with factory certificate in Sweden.

He asked me to buy it for him, but when he came to pick it up, he was not certain, that the object was an original – unless it is a very good and true copy.

So, I’m the happy owner of this body with a beautiful Porsche certificate signed by the actual Museum director.

Meanwhile, I made a research and I know how things really happened.

This body was made in southern Germany about 25 years ago in a series of three. The tools for it were taken from an original 904 car.
The firm which made these bodies doesn’t exist any more. The owner died..

This body was bought by a german doctor and Porsche collector around 1997. He started collecting 904 parts and wanted to build the car for himself.

Then he became ill and decided to sell the body.

For this, he needed a certificate. So he told his friend and Porsche Museum director to confirm it. An he did. (The doctors son ist the actual responsable at the Porsche factory for all clubs worldwide!)

Since 2 years, I am in discussion with Porsche because of the false certificate. Things advance very slowly and I don’t want to keep this body any longer.

Now you know everything.”

Like I said, I had hoped this would be the start of a great 904, but it was not to be. Hopefully, my 904 is out there somewhere.

—Adam Wright


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