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All Porsche CPA-PCA Hershey Swap Meet 2011

The annual Porsche swap meet this year was like the Hershey swaps of old, very cold and wet. After two years of glorious sunshine we all knew the other shoe just had to drop, and drop it did, in the form of a cold soaking rain. There is nothing quite like mid 40s and wet feet to realize you should have worn your boots, ask a guy with wet feet, ask me.

I am a firm believer in omens and I should have known this was going to be a rough Hershey when I got a call the day before on my way to Hershey. A good friend of mine had graciously offered to pick a car up for me in Chicago and deliver it to me at Hershey, saving me the trouble, thanks for good friends. The car was a decent car and had an NOS rear clip attached, even better. Well lady luck was not with us on this trip because the sheet metal screws holding the NOS rear clip gave way somewhere between Toledo, OH and Hershey, PA. I can just imagine that beautiful green metal sailing away, the tragedy of it. I could not be mad at my friend because I have littered the highways of America with pieces of 356s, like the corner window that flew out of the 51 Coupe. Anyone who has ever dragged cars out of barns or the woods knows that there is a always a risk of something being lost along the way. But it still sucks when it happens. So this was how Hershey weekend was starting out.
The morning of the swap meet the sky was already opening up when I looked out the window of my hotel, not a good sign. I bought rain suits for the whole crew and was glad I did, we used them and loved them. But since the rain was coming down heavy and hard shoes became sponges and pant legs got real heavy. But this is Hershey, you take the good with the bad, and it was still a great day. People were still loving the gift bags and there was still row after row of Porsche parts, many at great prices. There were also row after row of Porsche’s, from 356s to brand new 911s. The Unobtanium crew was on the C row next to our friends Tom Tate and George Nelson, who provided good 356 brotherhood throughout the rain. Once the morning started heading toward afternoon the feeding frenzy for parts was over and the rain stopped, so we all got to kick back and socialize. Vic Skirmants was nice enough to come by our booth and verify the contents of a race gearbox we had, which was everything we had hoped, BBAB Speedster gears with a ZF limited slip, a nice box indeed. Plus once the rain stopped we got to catch up with friends and I got to tell the story of the flying NOS rear end over and over, every time I told it the story got funnier and the pain a little less, laughter really is the best medicine. Hershey will be Hershey come hell or high water, and this was a high water year. Let’s pray for sun next year!



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