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Very cool 356 outlaw “The Silver Bullet”

This car always reminds me of a pre-war fighter jet, and I like it!

The guys at Wholesale California have it for sale for $125,000

More info here:


The seller’s description reads,
“Built on a 914-6 chassis with a body based on a 1955 356 Continental, it is fitted with a 3 liter, 279hp RS-spec engine, and a 915 gear box. Momentum created by the race engine is temporarily halted with addition of “full-trick” 934 brakes. The polished disc wheels are 17” in diameter and match the other accents/trim on the car.
This car is a stunning and totally unique one-off that subscribes loosely to the 356 Outlaw philosophies. Based on a 914-6 chassis, this car has been fitted with a mid-mounted 3-litre 911 engine with Weber carburetors, as well as a 915 5-speed gearbox. It was built by Australian Jeff Dutton in 1992. The body is based on a 356 Continental from 1955, and is recognizably such up to the B-pillar. The roof has been chopped several inches, as is fairly standard for an `Outlaw`, but thanks to the mid engine placement and 914-6 chassis, the wheelbase is longer than that of a 356. Consequently, the car displays a dramatic and striking `fastback` rear treatment, which is beautifully set off by a number of very neat and extraordinary details. The philosophy throughout the car is one of lightness and strength, and much of the car is structurally composed of a tube frame. There is an integral roll bar, which is in keeping with the general interior aesthetic of Spartan functionality.
The disc wheels are 17 inches in diameter and are highly polished to match a number of other accents on the car, including the 718 RSK style side vents, driver’s side mirror, as well as the engine and transmission access covers. The panels themselves have been extensively louvered to allow heat to escape. The beehive tail lamps from the 1955 Continental have been retained, and no fewer than six polished exhaust tips fitted, to hint at the 6-cylinder power plant. A racing style through-hood fuel filler has been fitted at the front, while the rear view and passenger side mirror both operate on the `periscope` principle through view windows that have been let into the body panels. The result is very coherent and nothing short of incredible. The exterior has been recently repainted to a nice standard and shows only a handful of small blemishes. The metal trim is very nice, including the highly polished accent panels. The lights and lenses are excellent, including Hella H4 headlamps.
The interior is quite Spartan but still feels very special. The green leather bucket seats are attractive and comfortable, while the dished wood-rimmed steering wheel with Porsche crest is very much in keeping the 1950`s racer feel of the car. The dashboard provides a similar effect and has been carried over from the Continental, complete with large `Telefunken` radio speaker aperture. The instrumentation is by timeless VDO instruments, some of which have been sourced from a 911. There is no carpeting or other upholstery to speak of, while the door panels are nothing more than polished stamped aluminum panels. The windscreen and side windows are Plexiglas, as is the rear porthole, which provides a great view of the engine, and an okay view of the scenery behind the car through the louvers. Also of note is an access panel between the seat backs on the rear firewall, cheekily labeled as an emergency exit using a sticker from an airliner. Between the seats is the exposed shifter for the 915 gearbox, as well as the ignition panel, complete with protective red switch cover for ignition, starter button, and an ominous red indicator light. The general condition is tidy, with no significant wear. The leather is excellent, as is the upholstered headliner.
The engine compartment is clean and looks like any backwards 911 engine should. It is not detailed for show but is satisfyingly clean, and brightened up by chromed air filter rain guards and polished trim. The engine itself has been built to RS specifications topped with Weber carburetors and is claimed to make 279hp. The front compartment reveals a fuel cell, as well as more evidence of the tubular frame components. The brakes are hugely impressive fully ventilated and drilled discs from a 934(!), which capably slow this extremely rapid car.
Perhaps the most unique and creative of the 356 Outlaw breed, this car is stunning in every respect, and totally unique. Combining the balance of the 914-6 chassis, reliability and potency of the 911SC driveline, aesthetic feel of the 356, and development and rigidity of a tube-frame car, this car really represents the best of all worlds. The level of detail is remarkable and its construction was an uncompromising and hugely expensive endeavor. This is a completely unrepeatable car that has had hundreds of thousands invested and is truly a one of a kind, head turning, tire burning Porsche hot rod that can be enjoyed on the street.”

I will say this, you won’t see another one like it at the next meet, or anywhere on Earth for that matter, and it is probably a blast to drive! Hope the new owner shows it.
—Adam Wright


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