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Exclusive Interview with Steve Heinrichs, Porsche Historian

Exclusive Interview with Steve Heinrichs, Porsche Historian

Porsche is a marque that is admired and collected the world over. Ask almost any collector if he can see the beauty of this German sports car and most will agree it is and always has been an iconic design. One such admirer is Steve Heinrichs, who has quietly collected some of the most rare and interesting Porsches ever. His Speedster collection is the stuff of legend for Porsche-philes, Steve was able to find and meticulously restore 12223 (Speedster prototype), 80002, 80003, 80004, 80665 (1st Carrera Speedster), and 80820 (1st Carrera Speedster raced). But Steve does not stop at collecting the little bathtubs, he also writes books about them, and throws one of a kind events celebrating the cars.

In 2004, in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Speedster, Steve held a once in a lifetime event bringing together Speedsters from all over the world. It was a memorable weekend with cars sharing the field that will never again be in the same place at the same time — a true collection, if only for a day. Mr. Heinrichs is now taking this idea on a grander scale with his upcoming event, The Porsche Race Car Classic. The event is being billed as
“The Greatest Porsche Show on Earth.” I guess when Steve dreams, he dreams big! Part of the inspiration for the PRCC is Steve’s need to make a difference in the history of Porsche by showcasing a field of cars like no other, but another part is closer to his heart. Literally, his lungs. One near death experience led to another close call and Steve started thinking of how he could combine his love for Porsches, his talent for showcasing them, and help fight Lung Cancer. The result was the Porsche Race Car Classic.

Steve explains, “I figured that the combination of nearly being a goner at the North Meets South 2007 gig, having that lead to discovery of lung cancer, having surgery by one of the best surgeons in the world (who is also a Porsche guy who, when we first met in his exam room said “I am going to fix you; you will be fine but first we will talk about Porsches”), surviving that surgery and not having to even have chemo — all coupled with my interest in Porsche early cars…….sent a message: do something; the lack of funding for lung cancer research.”

The event focuses not necessarily on the rarest Porsches but more important, the racecars. Every true sports car maker has a special breed of their car, the ones that drop hot oil and leave rubber on the track — the racers. The Porsche Race Car Classic is just that, all about the racecars, nothing more and nothing less. In terms of models, everything from 356s to 904s will be there, including a couple of Formula One cars, not to mention the one off built cars like the Elva, Abarth, Glöckler, and the Devins. These cars may be priceless collector’s items now, but in their day they were purpose built racecars that were driven for broke by the likes of Dan Gurney, Stirling Moss, and Denise McCluggage (who will be attending the event). Some of the cars displayed are still raced in vintage races like 1949 Gmund 356/2-050, or 1959 356A GT 108368, so expect to see some tape over glass. Most of the cars are coming from private collections but the Porsche Factory is bringing several cars from the museum.

Steve explains, “Porsche AG has been a supporter of the event for over two years, six cars that are coming from the Museum in Stuttgart will be with us on event day.”
Steve had a clear vision on the type of car he wanted to be showcased and it differed some from what you might imagine.

“The primary criteria has been cars that actually raced from 1950-1965”, says Steve. “How they look today is unimportant to us. We have added to the initial field some cars after 1965 through 1980 or so. They are ones that are very special but are not raced today, mostly. We also have some important examples of cars that could have been raced but were not. And, we have a few later Outlaws and Special bodied cars. All of the cars are Porsche powered.”

If all this is not Porsche sensory overload, Rennsport Reunion IV
is the same weekend. While sure to be an exciting event, the
exclusives offered by the Porsche Race Car Classic won’t be on display
together anywhere else, including Rennsport. The not to be missed,
once in a lifetime, never ever seen again collection that is the
Porsche Race Car Classic will be on Sunday October 16th. Make sure
you are on the field by 10AM for the grand un-veiling, here is a sneak

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For more info on this once in a lifetime event go to:

—Adam Wright


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3 Responses

  1. MIKE CAREY says:

    How can I contact Steve Heinrichs. I was once an owner of the 80820 and would like to share some additional information with him.

  2. Currently own # 84360, a factory black “SUPER” Speedster purchased by me in Hollywood Calif in May of 1963.
    Do you know how many 1958 factory black Supers were built?

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