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Python Porsche? Or just a badge?

This car came up for sale recently in the great white north, oh Canada. No one was really sure what it was, but it was badged Python on the back and had Porsche emblems on the sides, so the speculation was rampant! Was it a long lost Porsche Special, like an Elva, or Devin?

I looked at the pictures and was skeptical. The wheelbase was a little too long to be on a 356 chassis, more like the longer VW bug. This made sense too because most of these kits were made for bugs, since they were so plentiful, unlike 356’s that were not.

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There have been kits put on 356 chassis’ like a Fiberfab Avenger a friend of mine found a few years ago that was on a 1959 Porsche 356 Convertible D chassis, but those are rare. I bought an Avenger last year that was supposed to be on a 356 chassis, it even had a 356 motor in it, but alas it was a bug chassis.
This Python is also typical of a lot of kits cars, the designer took styling from every car he admired, parts are Jag, MG, and who knows what else. If anything it got everyone talking and thinking for a few minutes, so it was worth something to the auto world.


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