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Porsche irony, 40 years worth

I received this Factory Press Release from Porsche today and the title made me smile in an ironic way, thinking back to the Porsche ads of the 60s. The title of the Press Release was:
“Board Approves Further Races for the 911 GT3 R Hybrid”

Which to me seems in direct conflict with the slogan Porsche used in their ads in the 60s that read,
“Great Cars Are Not Created By Committees”

I wonder what Ferry and Ferdinand would think of the company now?

“Committees lead to creations that have no soul. No clear identity. That is why no Porsche will ever be created by a committee, but by a handful of people inside these walls who know what a Porsche is. The first Porsche, built in 1948, is still with us. Still clearly the inspiration for everything we have done. It will live on in all of our cars.”
Ferry Porsche



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