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Porsche 911 Piston Lamp and 356 Gearbox Table

Yeah, people do some strange things, but this might go well in a library, to kind of mix it up. Saw it on craigslist for $325, it is 26″ high.


Since we are talking about Porsche inspired furniture and accessories, another guy is doing 356 tables. Described by artist Don Ramsey,
“I am making some Porsche Art Pieces. đŸ˜€
This is a 57 356A 644 Trans End Table. Beautiful Aluminum Case!
It has 3/8″ thick Glass with polished edges.
It is internally lit with a 3 position dimmer and you just touch it to activate the light.
Making things out of some of the stuff I have been collecting for the last 30 something years and that seams nobody wants.
I plan to Make 911 ones too.
It would LooK Great in you Gearhead Cave!”

If all this catches on you might be able to style a whole room in re-cycled Porsche parts! Doubt my wife would go for it, but some of you bachelor’s could probably pull it off.



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