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A very bizarre Porsche 356 Speedster kit car

If there is one thing you see a lot of it is Speedster kits, they crank them out like Chinese tools. Normally the kit guys are ok putting a single carb engine in a plastic body with the minimal pieces on it, possibly an aftermarket Porsche badge but every now and then one of these kit guys gets enterprising and starts doing a few mods like foglights or a tonneau cover.

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This car takes the cake! He found a windshield off of what looks like an MGA or Jag, something British is my guess, crammed a Pre-A coupe/cab dash into it, did something strange to the rear decklid, but his piece d’resistance is by far the strangest and possibly to most horrifying, the radio plate has an SS on it, in Super S script. What, what?
Maybe he is a Chevy fan, let’s hope so, because the last thing the world needs is a Neo-Nazi Plastic Porsche Fan. Either way, one strange kit that someone put a lot of work and some money into, the molded bumpers are also strange. Can we all pool together, buy this, and bury it?

It is for sale on eBay.

—Adam Wright


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