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Tower Excellence Is Expected

When you hear that Porsche Design has put their brains behind a project, you just know it will be over the top in both function and elegance. But you won’t see this one coming! The Porsche Design Tower in Miami is not just a new building, those go up every day, or a luxury high rise for the rich in Miami, there are a few of those too. This is a whole new concept in how you live.










Never before have you been able to drive up to your building and drive your car into your apartment, no matter what floor you live on. They are building a fully automated system that takes you in one of three glass elevators directly into your unit. The units start at $4 million going up to $32.5 million for the penthouse. They could not have picked a better spot for crazy over the top consumption than Miami. Some of the in unit amenities are also pretty revolutionary, like little swimming pools on every balcony, named Plunge Pools or an outdoor grill area that is shielded from the elements. Most impressive is that since the whole building is a glass cylinder, every apartment gives the impression of floating on air.
Pack your bags and your cars, we are going to Miami!
For more info go to:
Porsche Design Tower

—Adam Wright


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