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Sad Speedster Day, but they are worthless, right?

Remember back in the day when Speedsters were cheap and disposable? I don’t, but some of you guys might. That is the story I am about to tell here, of a cheap and disposable Speedster that met it’s end one afternoon. The car was being used for what seems now to be an odd purpose but at the time it was just a car, though in this case it was acting as more of a pickup truck.

My friend recalls the day like this,
“This was probably a mile away from the house, on a local road. I took the trash to the dump and loaded up the back of the car with some tree branches to bring back to use for dune erosion control (it was a ritual that we’d always bring a few branches back and throw them on the dune between the house and the beach).”
It was on this dutiful trip that the car met another car, head on. Ironically, it was the cargo that cause the injuries.
“I would have escaped without injury if one of the branches hadn’t whacked me on the back of the head resulting in a concussion.”
There was a side benefit to the concussion, he got to meet all kinds of new friends, though the party didn’t last long.
“Spent that evening listening to invisible people out in the yard saying things I couldn’t quite make out. The next day they were gone so I’m not sure what the deal was with them.”
The car was hit very hard and wasn’t worth saving, so what was salvaged was saved, and the rest went to be made into washing machines. He remembers it like this,
“Parted out. Front half was recycled (crushed), back clip sold. Doors and deck lid were OK. The transmission and engine went into my coupe.  Neither were original to the Speedster (they were from a Convertible D).”
And before you say what everyone is thinking, he thought of that too.
“Everything that could have been saved was saved. I know; some people today would say “Tragic! It could have been saved! Blah blah blah!” But in 1970 there were no repro panels, no repro parts, no shops who would or could do the work, and when you were done you’d have a mutt Speedster with a very checkered history worth maybe $1500, not $150,000.”
Sad day for a cool car, but at least we have the memories…

—Adam Wright


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