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Unobtanium Open House 2015


First let me say we could not have paid for better weather.  It was sunny in the low 80s, with a slight breeze.  Turnout was very good with Porsches as far as the eye could see.




The food truck this year received lots of compliments and no one went home hungry.


One cool thing about this year was we saw a lot of new faces, which is why we do it after all.  A lot of the old faces were there, but the new ones make it interesting.



And talk about interesting, we even had a celebrity make a cameo, Frank Serpico!  He confided in me something I had always heard, that Al Pacino played Frank better in the movie than Frank plays Frank in real life.  He was a very interesting guy and a real joy to have at the party.

serp1 serpico

We also had some folks come from as far away as Canada, Virginia, and Ohio, and we thanked those guys for putting in the miles.   Also of note, we had Porsches from every stripe present, we are used to seeing 356 and early 9 Series stuff, but this year we had 914’s, 924’s, even a few Cayenne’s!

20 21 22 23 24 25 28

The goal of the event is to open our doors to Porsche people to showcase what we do and what we have found.



Our latest in house project of the 914/6 becoming a 904 was on display and received a lot of attention.

4 IMG_7679 skinned914

Also, Matt’s 87 Carrera was ready for the party this year so we had that front and center.


We had our normal assortment of 356’s and 911/912’s needing restoration, and a lot of those were interesting to people.  Porsche sent us some great promo items this year so the Factory Racing banners and cool gift bag items were a big hit, who doesn’t want FREE Porsche stuff?





In the end, after the last car had left, it was just crew, we watched the tail lights and thought, what a great day, can’t wait for next year!


6 8 12 15



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