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Unobtanium Open House 2016


The weather this year was better then we could have paid for, sunny and in the 70s.  Having an outside event is always a little nerve-wracking because if it rains, the event will be a sure dud.  But luckily the weather was perfect, so everyone brought out their cars!

We had a wide variety of cars but the 911’s ruled, they lined up like soldiers and it was very impressive.  Brian’s Frankfurt Flyer, built by Chris Runge, was the star of the show, with quite a group steadily gathered around it.  I like most people have seen pictures of these cool hand built cars, but seeing FF #5 in the metal was truly breath-taking!

We went with a different caterer this year and based on the amount of people getting 2nd and 3rd’s, me included, I think we made the right choice to go with Yanni’s, the food was beyond good.


The only bit of drama we had came courteous of the United States Customs and Border Patrol.  Mike from Restoration Design made the trip down from Canada and brought a Pre-A chassis with the individual pieces marked like a prized cow.



All was good with the body, but the US Border guys thought that the motor that went with it was a problem.  Apparently he needed additional paperwork for the motor, which seems simple but it’s the government, so he was detained for five hours and I got a call from Homeland Security to check his story.  It was pretty crazy, another reason I hate the border.  It ended ok with Mike making it in time for the open house, tired but there.  He was not the only out of towner to make it, we had people from PA, RI, MA, CT, NJ, NH, FL, VT, and probably a few more states that I missed, not bad for an open house.  Every year gets better, can’t wait for next year!








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