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2016 Porsche 356 Registry East Coast Holiday



I haven’t been to a holiday in a couple of years and my wife hasn’t come with me in more years than that.  The kids have finally gotten to an age we can leave them with my mother for days at a time so off to Akron we went.  The weather was not looking good for the event so we decided to trailer the car and am glad we did.  The rain hit us hard on the way to Ohio, the 356 was soaked inside and out, luckily we weren’t in it.

Friday started out great, saw lots of friends at the Lit Meet and that was followed by a great talk from Chuck Stoddard.  Hearing him tell Max Hoffman stories is truly priceless!  Saturday was the concour at the wonderful Glenmoor Country Club, there was a threat of rain, which was worrying everyone but the Porsche God’s smiled upon us and the sun was shining throughout the day.  The rain finally did come late in the afternoon but by then everyone was back at the hotel and their cars were safe and sound.  Also lucky for me, George Kehler had his camera out and took a bunch of pics, because I forgot to take many, thanks George!  Sunday was the swap meet and the sun was still shining .  The swap was great but we try to make all the ECH Unobtanium Swap Meets a good time for people.  The ride back was initially un-eventful until I got about 100 miles from home and the ABS light starting flashing on and off, whatever, I kept driving.  Then the noises started and got worse and worse.  I decided it was getting too scary to keep going so I called AAA for a tow, which is complicated because I have the 356 on the trailer.  But fear not, I have AAA RV+ which was sold to me as covering my car trailer but when I called once I was broken down I was told the car trailer was not covered and while they could tow the truck I would have to figure something out for the trailer.  Sure, I’ll just leave the 356 on the trailer, it will be there when I come back….

Since I was so close to home but still North of Albany I realized I was not far from Big John’s house in the Adirondack’s so I called him to pick up my wife and take her home so she could go to work in the morning.  She has the real job in the family at a major hospital so while I can cool my heels in Rome, NY she needed to get to work.  Now on my own I limped the truck into a hotel room and then onto to Midas to get both wheel bearings done.  The guy at Midas was very surprised I was still driving, the only thing holding the driver’s side front wheel on was the axle nut.  Lucky me!

So an eventful ECH but a really good one also, seeing old friends and making new ones always reminds me of the great 356 brotherhood.

Keep the Faith!




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