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Ski Roundtop Swap Meet 2016



If you listen to the haters they will tell you the swap meet is dead.  EBAY reigns supreme!  Well, I really wish those guys would have been in Lewisberry, PA yesterday for Ski Roundtop because after they ate their crow, they could have shopped for parts and hung out with friends.  Roundtop was huge this year with people setting up in every corner of the venue.  There were people in the parking lot, people in the grass, basically there were people everywhere, oh and parts, there were parts for days.  The variety of parts was what was most astounding, there were 356 parts, 911 parts, 914 parts, and VW parts, but it was all air-cooled, so even the stuff you might not be interested in buying is interesting to look at.  There were lots of familiar faces but tons of new ones too.  We also had some really cool cars like Tim’s 904-0014.  You don’t often get to see a car like at an event less than something like Rennsport.  The ski slopes as always provided a very relaxing backdrop, it’s one of the things that makes Roundtop my favorite swap, it’s just a relaxing day out enjoying air-cooled cars.  Can’t wait for next year!



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