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You can never go home again

Years ago I found my first barn find, a Mercedes 190SL that was under a tarp in a family friend’s backyard. I ended up buying it and taking it home to get it running and driving. It was fun but not a sportscar, it was big and lumbering, and slow. I still wanted a sportscar.

I noticed a Speedster kit car in the local paper, running for $2000. I thought this might fit the bill, so I bought that and sold my 190SL. The Speedster was fun, very fun. I re-did the body, Matt and me even painted it in our garage! The really clever thing I did was put VW bus seats in it, after I dyed them red. All in all it was a very fun and cheap car. I sold it and later bought my first 356, a B Coupe. But I can credit the plastic Speedster with getting me into 356s.
I noticed this week that my Speedster has come back around on EBAY and craigslist. I knew it was mine when I saw those seats. For a quick second I almost bought it back but then dropped the idea. You can never go home again. But Grammy and Gramps did love to ride in both cars, we even put Grammy’s wheelchair in the back of the Speedster!


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  1. Justin says:


    Funny that I stumbled upon this. I came across your site from an ad you had in the Pelican forum. Anyhow, I am the new owner of your old speedster kit as of two weeks ago. It is in pretty rough shape as it sadly has been sitting outside uncovered. Currently it is in demo and the floors will be replaced soon. I am planning to build an outlaw with this, and despite your complaints of it being to sluggish, well lets just say stay tuned…. I will send you some pics as the project progresses. Any other pics of the car when you had it many years ago. Would be great to have to track the history of the car. Thanks.


    • Justin, I emailed you some pics of my before and after shots of the Speedster, hope you get it looking good again!
      I bought it from a guy in Atlanta who had gotten it from PDK Motors, before that I don’t know.


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