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Oxymoron, a Concours kit car

I have always been a mute fan of the late George Carlin. He made the Oxymorons jumbo shrimp and military intelligence famous. I have a new one that I am sure he would be proud of, The Concours Kitcar.
This is what the title of a Convertible D kit I recently saw on EBAY boasted. My question is, what concours event are you going to enter it in, does Pebble Beach have a kit day now?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate kits, they can be fun and with the prices of 356s rising fast, a kit car can be a cheaper alternative with low costs of ownership, unlike a 356, have you priced an engine re-build lately? But you have to remember that if you have a kit, it is just a copy, and they can make one nicer or better tomorrow, unlike a real 356 that they stopped making over 40+ years ago.
If you drive a kit, enjoy it, but please don’t try to get it into a concours event.



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  1. Tom Raymond says:

    Thank you for the publicity regarding my car. As one who has attended many Pebble Beach concours, Concorso Italiano, Barrett Jackson, Amelia Island, historic races, and mutitudes of car shows both foreign and domestic, I did say, and still maintain that my car is maintained in literally concours condition. One does not need to start with an original 356, which without insulation from the elements would be currently reduced to rust, dust & dissected electrics. I certainly think the Porsche family is honored to have folks such as Henry Reisner develop & improve upon styling that was discontinued forty plus years ago.

    Practically, financially, and astectically, the Intermeccanica is a far better ride than the original, which by the way was a handbuilt kit car itself.

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