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Why It’s Important to Choose Reliable Transport


There are so many auto transport companies out there, it can be a true mind boggle to figure out which one to use and which will leave you out to dry. Transport outfits range from Reliable to miserable, with everything in between. Of course we’d all like to end up with reliable, but sadly the other two are much easier to find and hire than the first. Miserable carriers absolutely will not give a damn what happens to your car en route. The phone number you call to book the trip will have absolutely nothing to do with the potential dumbass that loads the car. There’s a company out there we had the misfortune of dealing with in 2004 that fronts itself as a full service trucking company with shiny trucks, toll free numbers and even an indoor holding facility if it’s needed. The truth was they had NONE of their own trucks. All of their trips were booked via what’s called “central dispatch,” which is basically a giant online bulletin board of available loads to carry, your car included. This means the first person to call them with an open slot on their trailer gets the pickup. That’s right, they have no idea who’s picking up your car, and they don’t care. They will take their cut and forget about it. This amnesia becomes even stronger should something happen to your car. They point the finger at the trucker, the trucker points the finger at them, and you can guess which finger ends up being aimed at you.

The car pictured above was picked up by a complete idiot. We never hired him, but one of our customers used him all the time because he was cheap. This was the first of many “oopsies” we saw. This time he forgot to actually attach the car to the trailer, and it promptly rolled into the Subaru parked behind it. Another time we saw him literally roll a ’54 Coupe into a ball as it got caught between two levels of the trailer. Oops.

Thankfully, we have very reliable transport. If we can’t go get it ourselves, our man Tim has an 8-car rig that he’s more than happy to fill for us no matter where it is. His wife books all of his loads directly, and if we need to get in touch with him he’s only a cell phone call away. Non-ops are no problem, he’ll take an hour if need be to load a troubled Porsche. Seeing the dunces of auto transport sure makes you appreciate the Tims of the world. — Matt


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