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Very Early Speedster

This one popped up on EBAY tonight, VIN#80225, making it the 24th car of regular Speedster production, since the first 200 were 1954 prototypes. The early cars can bring huge money, I sold 80244 as a rolling shell for $62,000 a few years ago.
This car on EBAY has a few things that look a little out of place.
1. The dash is not a Pre-A Speedster dash, with the two gauge cluster, but the later style with the three gauge cluster.
2. The fit of the rear bumper looks off.
3. The inner structure of the decklid looks like a later twin grill, but it is a single grill. It is not a pre-a open car grill.
4. The shifter looks to be a later B/C shifter, and the wheel is a B/C.
5. It claims to have 912 brakes.
6. The top frame looks like it has bolts, not rivets holding it together, and it is black.

All in all this is a car I would go and look and before buying. As my mom would say when we would try to snow her, “Too many fuzzies.”

But it is a very early Speedster so even if it had a lot of problems, it would be a good car to grab and restore, you could not lose money on a restoration on this car.

I want to make an addition to this posting. The car went to $73,000 on EBAY with the reserve not met. I am not sure what is crazier, that someone wanted to pay $73,000 for this pile, or that the seller wanted more than that. Sounds like a match made in heaven or hell maybe.



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  1. Chris Markham says:

    Hey, Adam, I recognize that rear bumper. That is a fiberglass job from a kit. They’re about 6″ wider to fit the molds that are based on VW Pans. Leaves just this kind of gap. I know, because that’s the one my T2 came with. I run w/o bumpers now, but have a proper steel set in the shed. I tested them before storing them and even “unfit” they’re inches better than this.

    Look at this pic from the retired (but still alive, if you know the URL) OLD 356 site:

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