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356 Graveyard

We have all seen boneyards with Porsches in them. We have all also seen a few cars left for dead. But most of us have never seen a REAL 356 graveyard!

I first heard about this place a few years back. It was said there was a field of buried 356s, hard to believe. I looked the name up that I had on the guy and dialed the number. The conversation went something like.
“Are you the guy who buried all the 356s?”
“Yes”, said the man.

I had to see it, so a few weeks later I hopped in the car. The man was nice about the whole thing and led me back to the graveyard. But instead of the car being buried they were above ground, or so I thought. Below the marshy ground were about 20 more 356s, the ones above ground were still there but very rusty. But considering they were out there before I was born, rust was inevitable. I tripped over something in the dirt, pulled on it, and out popped a convertible D top frame!!!

I have often thought of a archaeological dig to find out what is down below. But every time I am out there I sink ankle deep in the mud, so the chances of anything looking like a 356 being down there are pretty nil.

The real question is why did he bury the cars? That is an answer for another day.



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